Arabica [Dark Roast, Ground Coffee]
  • Arabica [Dark Roast, Ground Coffee]


    100% Single-Origin Arabica from Eastern Ghats, dark roasted for a rush of sweet aroma  and velvety body.


    Roasted at 420-440° Fahrenheit for a second crack and rich oil, it has low acidity and heavy body, to reveal vibrant notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate.


      A-Grade beans, from fresh plucked coffee cherries, are aged in pulp for 2-4 days, sun-dried in community patios for 5-8 days to prepare for vibrant and uplifting notes without loosing the earthiness of the terroir.


      B.Barefoot Coffee is grown in harmony with nature, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For a genuine palate, no flavourants and preservative are used during the roasting and packaging process.


      To cherish un-adulterated taste for a sustained time, the beans are roasted and dispatched within 3 days of receiving the order.


      Brewed best as Filter Coffee or in a French Press / Moka Pot.