Barefoot Blend [Medium Roast, Ground Coffee]
  • Barefoot Blend [Medium Roast, Ground Coffee]


    A house blend of Single-Origin Arabica from Eastern Ghats and Single-Origin Robusta from Western Ghats,  blended and roasted for good aroma, well rounded flavor and a balanced body.


    Roasted at 390-420° Fahrenheit for a little-beyond first crack and some oil, it has medium acidity and a balanced body, to reveal a strong and punchy taste with the notes of fruit and cocoa.


      Green beans, extracted from fresh plucked coffee cherries, are aged in pulp for 2-4 days , sun-dried in community patios for 5-8 days to prepare for vibrant and uplifting notes without loosing the earthiness of the terroir.


      B.Barefoot Coffee is grown in harmony with nature, without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For a genuine palate, no flavourants and preservative are used during the roasting and packaging process.


      To cherish un-adulterated taste for a sustained time, the beans are roasted and dispatched within 3 days of receiving the order.


      Brewed best as Filter Coffee or in a French Press / Moka Pot.