Multi Floral Honey (Uttarakhand)
  • Multi Floral Honey (Uttarakhand)


    Gathered from native plants and wildflowers from slopes of Himalayan Foothills, with untouched forests and green pastures, B.Barefoot Multi-Floral Honey is stunningly rich with floral and fruity tones.


    Higher concentration of vitamins and healing essences, our honey helps improve resilience to changing climate and winds. Good volume of nector from valley flowers make multi-floral honey a good boost of sugar that is refined naturally for quick energy. 


      Regional and seasonal diversity with amplified notes and indulgent nuances define a good multi-floral honey that contains sweet nectar of valley flowers.


      B.Barefoot Honey ensures availability of natural forage within 6 Km radius of the hives, which is free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


      We stay true to the terroir, our Honey is raw and pure. It is hand-filtered with a single layer of sanitised and clean cheese cloth. No preservatives used & No Flavorants added when bottling the honey .


      Do not refrigerate.  Raw and Natural Honey will crystallise naturally. To re-liquify, place the jar in warm water or in sunlight. 

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