The real-life impact each purchase has on  rural women, their families and communities.

Enabling self-sufficiency and mobilising economic growth for over 250 rural women entrepreneurs in 35 villages across India (2017-2019)

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Meet Our Mamas

Coffee Mama

“The workshops enabled us to foresee the world beyond our tribal community and how we are contributing to a larger cause. I am happy to see women farmers empowered with dignified wages and respect. I will now be able to buy a school bag and more stationery for my kids. ” 


Gudichintha, Andhra Pradesh, India 

Madhu Mitra

(Bee Mama)

“I like this process of bee-keeping that I have taken up. The first time that women in Uttarakhand have taken up bee-keeping. It was always the men who did it because we were always scared of the bees. Bee-keeping is best suited for women as we have so many household chores to look after. With the beehives in our backyard, it is very convenient to monitor and look after them. This has worked out well for me.”


Uttarakhand, India

Looking Ahead - Going Global

By 2022, we seek to expand this opportunity to 25,000 women through our vocational training centres in India, Central America and Tanzania.

 Bee Mama

"I used to bake and sell mandazi and chapati to earn a living because it was all I knew; I never received any type of formal education or training. So when the opportunity arose to participate in the beekeeping programme at Barefoot College Zanzibar’s, Vocational Training Center, I knew the six month training was worth the chance to improve my family’s and my own life, so I went and started my journey as an empowered rural woman."


Uzi Mtongani Village, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Coffee Mama

I was a part of the B.Barefoot coffee training workshops in Guatemala and currently (in 2020) I am learning to become a solar engineer at the Barefoot College training centre in Tilonia, India. Upon completion, I wish to return home and help my family and lead the B.Barefoot initiative in my community.


Guatemala, Central America

Cost Distribution in India

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Every sip of coffee & the taste of honey helps generate a world of self sufficiency and resilience for rural, non-formally educated women and their families.

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